Sunday, April 5, 2009

S-A, T-U-R, D-A-Y....BITES!

Saturday really didn't go so well for me, but in the interest of 'keepin' on the sunny side' I've decided to weed out a few positive things that happened...

Pro: I caught a rerun of Dead Like Me (which doesn't usually appear in syndication)
Con: I woke up late, and missed Degrassi

Pro: I got my hair done
Con: As a result of my unwise decision to dye my hair red, I was forced to go brunette instead of blonde which is what my heart was set on.

Pro: The brown is very rich and beautiful...
Con:... but it's not blonde
Double Con: I missed a call that I REALLY. DID. NOT. want to miss

Pro: I picked up some chick-fil-a after the salon
Con: Some old bag busted my tail light in the parking lot and chose to ignore it and drive off...
Double Con: I then chose to return the call I missed.... and leave a ticky-tack message (Boo!)

Pro: I managed an awesome nap on the couch
Con: I woke up too late to go tan

Pro: I picked up some Raising Cane's
Double Pro: And I caught up on Lost and CSI whilst eating said Cane's

All in all the day was not my worst, not even in the top five - BUT it was definitely a Monday. Maybe that means my Monday will feel like the weekend =)

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Eric said...

My Saturday was pretty bad too, so was Monday...well, not too bad, just...blech...hope yours was better.

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