Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady

Houston is a magical place. Before this weekend I'd only ventured to the city once. It was 2004, and I was on tour with a friends band - the infamous tour that I quit school for. Naturally other big things factored in, but the tour was the proverbial straw. This time I'm here for the joyous celebration of my cousin Brad's nuptials at the Houston Zoo.

We pulled into town yesterday evening, just in time to make the pre-wedding crawfish boil at Little Woodrow's, a delightful back yard patio type of joint with plenty of charm to go around. We had the entire back patio reserved, and it was stuffed to the gills with family, friends, beer and crawfish. As if this wasn't good enough, God also saw it fit to send a wonderful man selling homemade tamales to the party. I grabbed 3dz/$20 for the table and the feast was in full swing. I'd never had the pleasure of eating crawfish in their purest form, but the N'awlins side of my family gave me a brief, but thorough tutorial. I was totally grossed out, and completely in love. They're so wrong they're right. Much fun was had by all.

Today, in the interest of killing some time, the family rendezvoused at The Cheesecake Factory before doing some shopping at the Galleria. After dining on Chicken and Biscuits and Lemoncello Tort, we hit the second floor. Christi and mom bought shoes, I bought some Godiva and dad bought a Puma hat. In the midst of shoe shopping we made our way into Payless; dad went next door to Borders. It wasn't 20 seconds after we walked into the store that I saw him: Black suit, loooong blonde beard and a dread locked skull cap. He was a sharp dressed man, he was Billy Gibbons. I actually didn't think it was really him at first, but that didn't stop me from running (yes, I ran) over to Borders to tell my dad. For those of you not in the know, my father is in love with ZZTop. We have seen them 4 times in concert as a family, he has a poster hanging in his office and he has a replica keychain. My dad bravely approached him and asked for a picture, Billy obliged. My father can now die happy.

And a big shout out goes to Wifi, Godiva and The Deadliest Catch for making this peaceful afternoon possible. Fun pics coming soon!


Eric said...

What a great couple of days, hope the rest of the trip is as good!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is totally awesome! I can't believe that Mr. Gibbons himself was in a Payless! I love it!!!

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