Friday, April 24, 2009

Random thread on a Fry Day night

This chair has been broken for years. Why haven't I bought a new one? Because I'm cheap - no, not cheap, maybe just lazy? I'm searching for a good word for 'easy to please', but all I'm getting are Coldplay lyrics. I like Coldplay, if I listened to new music more often they would be in the front running for favorite. As it were I'm listening to the Traveling Wilburys and drinking some whiskey and diet dr. pepper. I don't necessarily like whiskey, but I have what is basically a full bottle of Seagram's resting in my freezer. It's original purpose was for hot tottis while I was battling a particularly nasty case of the sniffles a few months back. The totti managed me through a Josh Abbott concert. I must've had too many considering the only way to make it through anything of the Texas Country persuasion is to be blind drunk. I wasn't there for the music though, I was there for the company. Coincidentally, the whiskey lasted longer than the relationship - not that that's really any indication. I'm about as good with dating as I am in replacing broken chairs...or drinking whiskey. What makes it better? Ice cream. Speaking of ice cream, I polished off a pint of Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip today on my lunch hour. The secret to a good MCC, is the chips. Because really, the actual ice cream portion is just bright green nonsense, but the chips... the chips are where the magic is, and Blue Bell has put a spell on me. I'd like some more, but a full trip to Wal-Mart does not appeal to me (or the 8 oz of Diet DP and whiskey in my system), and Dairy Queen is already closed. Why do they close so early? Is it a budgeting issue? For those of you in Lubbock, you might recall a few years ago (I think it was more like 10, but whatevs) the majority of the DQs in town turned to McDonalds. I suppose this was the proverbial writing on the wall... tell it to my dipped cone. And speaking of Dairy Queen, surely you've all heard the story of the time we loaded up in the family wagon and took a trip to the ol' Texas Stop Sign. I was about 4, and my favorite treat was a Dilly Bar. Now see, there's the Dilly Bar on the stick, and then there's that weird Dilly Bar patty thing in a little wax paper bag. I didn't like that one, I wanted my Dilly Bar on a stick, damnit. Even at the tender age of 4 I didn't trust the woman working the window to get my order right, so I took it upon myself to specify. I leaned over my mom's shoulder and shouted into the pick up window, "I want a Dilly Bar on a dick!" Ahhh yes. It seems I had my priorities sorted out even then. Now this is me, being the bigger person... I think. I'm trying to do the opposite of what usually happens in these situations, so it stands to reason that I am making a good decision. Just call me thirty, flirty and thriving - except I'm not thirty. That's you. Have fun with that.


Tim said...

Interesting that you have the picture of that car driving through a cemetery, it having long since departed to old-car heaven.

Great post, Sarah! You're on a roll!

Eric said...

Ok, Schlitz just came out of my nose.

-Sarah- said... in the beer that made Milwaukee famous?

Eric said...

The very one.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss