Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Billy likes Bueno

Years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the term "Billy". The origins of the word are unclear (perhaps she can clarify) but the message remains true. I saw "Billy" this weekend at the Taco Bueno in Weatherford as he drove away in his 20 year old muscle car while 'Danger Zone' played from his tape deck and the fuzzy dice dangled from his rear view. I was inspired to share with you some of "Billy's" finer attributes.
In no particular order...

You Might Be A Billy If:

-You grunt excessively while lifting weights.

-You own one or more gold chain necklaces
-You drive any model of Mustang GT (especially models dating from the late 80s or early 90s)

-You have a tribal band tattoo

-You list James Hetfield, Trent Reznor, Fred Durst, and the like as your 'Hero', 'Inspiration' or 'People I'd Like to Meet'

-You wear a wife beater and faux leather jacket in 90 degree weather

-You wear a wife beater and faux leather jacket in 70 degree weather

-You wear a wife beater and faux leather jacket in 50 degree weather

-You shape your sideburns...

-...You still have sideburns...

-...You don't understand why sideburns are included on this list...

And the list goes on and on. I urge to concoct your own list of "Billy"isms so that you may more easily spot a Billy in your community.
This is Billy

Vintage Billy

Ultimate Billy


Eric said...

Shit, I'm a Billy.

Emily said...

ah yes. the billy. full name: bill badass. HAHAHAHA! love it, love it. you are my hero.

oh and remember when billy came into the candy store w/his brother and he was wearing an unbuttoned hawaii shirt with no shirt underneath? mmhmmm.

Eric said...

Actually, according to my Field Guide to the Wild American Male, the guys on the bottom are both Eastern American Guidos.

Anonymous said...

you leave sideburns out of this woman!

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