Tuesday, September 9, 2008


And by "popular demand" I mean the one anonymous comment inquiring to where I have been. Thank you anonymous. Your identity matters not, for your sentiment is enough to prove my infinite awesomeness. SO, while I wait for my veggie dip to do it's thing in the fridge I'll enlighten you with some of my recent goings-on.

A coworker of mine recently joined the Junior League of Lubbock. She (in true Jr. Leaguer fashion) invited me to attend the first meeting of the season and enjoy pre-meeting margaritas. I obliged, partly b/c I enjoy this coworker... mostly because I heard the word "margarita". I had my opinions about the Jr. League just like everyone else, so I was excited to sit back and enjoy the night under the seductive influence of my Sangria Swirl. After drinks we headed to "headquarters" for the meeting. I'll skip all the boring details, but ultimately the whole scene was pretty cool. There is the fair share of 'ladies who lunch" but there were also a lot of normal women. Some women so normal even I thought to myself "She's in the Jr. League?" Yes I know, I'm a snob... I'll fit right in. Not to mention the fact they provided beer (pitchers in fact) nachos, brownies and other junky goodies at the meeting. Toss in some door prizes and some fancy women with potentially hunky sons and I'm sold. Where has the Jr. League been all of my life?

In other news, today at work I was calling customers with back orders and encouraging them to add to the shipment. I called a customer in Florida. For those of you who weren't made aware, Florida hates me. The entire state, they all hate me and wish I were dead. So I call this company and listen to the message header for my contact name: Joann Shorum. After cycling through all the names I opt to transfer to the receptionist where I'm transferred to an unfriendly women named Blanca:

Me: Yes, may I speak with Joann Shorum Please?
Blanca: Uhh ...(frustrated sigh)... She died a couple of years ago.
Me: Oh! ....ummm, I am SO sorry..... I'll update our records.

Thanks Florida! You've been great.


Adam said...

*still laughing* That is so great! (Not for Ms. Shorum)I had no idea of the falling out between you and florida.

Eric said...

I'd call back, I have my staff tell callers I'm dead all the time.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, it's good to have you back!

"beer (pitchers in fact) nachos, brownies and other junky goodies," who would have ever guessed that the junior league could be so cool!?!

J.E. said...

Sarah, I left a message for you on myspace, i need your e-mail so i can finally send you that script.

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