Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eight perfectly good dollars - wasted!

Do not see Kiefer Sutherland's new film 'Mirrors'. If you'd like a more detailed explanation then allow me to elaborate.

Do not see Kiefer Sutherland's new film 'Mirrors'!! That is all.


Anonymous said...

Thought for the day: Should I take advice from a person who can't spell "wasted" correctly?

Eric said...

Thanks for the warning, I will avoid seeing it.
On the other hand, do go see 'Tropic Thunder', it's flippin' hilarious.

To anonymous: If a sign said, "Danger, No Swiming, Sharks!", would you still go in? Really?

-Sarah- said...

haha, I did spell it wrong! You're right anonymous, I'm a moron. Please go see the movie, take all your friends and pay for EVERYONE.

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