Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Comparing Apples to Apples

......freakin' Apples. If we're going to use past experiences as our guide, then I'm totally screwed. Not only am I screwed, but I can predict the exact moment that the screwing will commence: the moment I get on that plane and leave town. Why? Because the moment you leave town, the apples go bad (and not just apples....ALL fruit). And not just bad, but molding into a funk so unrecognisable that you don't see or hear from the apples for months.

The apples and I have fallen into a pretty good rythm; as good as it could be under the present circumstances...... but do you ever get that sinking feeling that the apples are moving on? Crappy feeling isn't it? Especially when you've finally come to grips with the fact that the apples are not only your favorite fruit, but a fruit you just can't live without. Most days the apples are Red Delicious, not abundant in flavor or substance but good, and wholesome Other days the apples are Granny Smith! The most delectable of all the apples, the Granny Smith is tart and sweet while still maintaining that mouth watering crunch! I love Granny Smith days! Then there are the Crab Apple days, nay, there are Crab Apple weeks-MONTHS! I hate the Crab Apples! Rotten to the core, they bruise and wilt until you want to throw them out.....but they're still your apples.

So what happens when you've come to this nice understanding with the apples? Can you now be completely honest with the apples and ask the apples important questions like who's that too tan, bleach blonde Jugs McGee I've been getting whiffs of? No. Sadly I don't think you can. So I sit here. Wondering. Wondering what the apples are doing, and wondering if Jugs is taking a big bite out of my Granny Smith..... it's not even my Granny Smith. But I call dibs.


Eric said...

I hope your apples aren't being poached, I hate it when that happens.

Eric said...

Ahem....Nothing to post?

Joel and Jill said...

Why haven't you blogged lately? Sometimes I really miss the old days of Rockport and the candy store... Funny times.

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