Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh how I've missed you, personal blogosphere

It's been a lo-ong December and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last.... okay so it's not December, but Summer. Or at least it was? Who knew the last few months could be so hectic! I finally got my sweet self moved across town. It's amazing what some subtle roommate peer pressure can do in the way of getting unpacked and organized. I only lack a few kitchen boxes which have been indefinitely moved to the garage. Jacqueline's kitchen is far superior to anything I ever established, and has not yet experienced the painful aftermath of hard water. Needless to say, the few foggy bar glasses I unpacked went directly to an unused cabinet never to see the light of day...

I've been traveling for work which has been an exhausting and exciting ride! July was a surprisingly cooled Atlanta, August was a hot and crowded New York City, and September saw me to Las Vegas: my new favorite place. I've always loved the beach and the mountains. The LV mountains are kind of imposter mountains, but they're lovely none the less, and the attitude there is that of a Spring Break destination with loose money (instead of loose, bouncy coeds) and more clothing (usually). I had to laugh when our cab driver was explaining how to "spot" hookers on the strip after we naively admitted we hadn't seen any. He said "If you see a girl in a tight dress, high heels, with a cell phone glued to her ear... that's a hooker" I mused "Oh, see back home we just call those Tech students"

Things are starting to calm down a bit, which has afforded me more time to run the company blog (, Facebook and Twitter page. I try to juggle the three of these while still fulfilling all of my office duties. It's not been easy, but I'm enjoying it. Sadly, the side effect is that I really have no desire to update here after I'm done.... but, it's not "Deep Thoughts" fault so I decided I could show it some love whilst waiting for Derek to come over!

The South Plains Fair is in town, and with it comes the yearly ritual of stuffing our faces with anything and everything that crosses our path! It's a long standing tradition dating back a good 10 years. Today Sydney has come in from San Antonio and Derek has driven from Dallas to enjoy all the fair has to offer. The excitement of corn dogs, funnel cakes, caramel apples, fried pies, cheese on a stick, curly taters, turkey legs, cotton candy, fajitas, pizza, and corn on the cob is almost too much to stand! I plan on taking many pictures with the hand-me-down digital camera Jacqueline has generously lent to me. I hope this Saturday finds you all well; I'll eat a corn dog for ya!


Timothy said...

Are you going to see Johnny Rivers?

Eric said...

Now it's my turn to be envious...I want some funnel cakes and corn dogs.

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