Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy!!

As I listened to the sausage sizzle and pop in the skillet tonight a memory came to me...A few years ago I became a vegetarian (only for a short while) in the hopes of reaching some sort of enlightenment. While the pledge didn't stick, the enlightenment did. I watched while the sausage patty browned; a key ingredient in my dinner of breakfast. I melted some cheese atop said sausage as it rested in the safe confines of a toasted English Muffin. Add a lightly scrambled egg and the sandwich was complete. I'm always surprised by myself when I eat pork, and I've already eaten it 3 times this week. While this is certainly more than I usually partake in, my mind always does a few flips when I touch the pig to my lips.

You see, the thing that prompted me to kiss off the meat was the following article in Rolling Stone. It outlines in detail the depravity of the Pork Industry. I had been contemplating becoming a vegetarian for quite some time, but after reading this I was so completely disturbed I couldn't ignore it anymore. I firmly believe in the responsible use of animals for our nourishment, shelter and well being. It is our God given blessing (Genesis 1:26). Clearly these Pig Farmers didn't get the memo. I still eat meat, and ironically pork in all it's many forms is one of my favorites (sausage? good. ham? good. bacon? good!). I don't know if that makes me a hypocrite or not. Either way I feel people should be informed about what they're eating.

Please don't be discouraged by the length of this article; you will NOT regret reading it. Be enlightened...

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Eric said...

I've got the same problem, I love meat (pork especially) but hate the way that it is produced, the pollution and the cruel conditions.
I'm reading "Meat, A Love Story" by Susan Bourette right now, she is a reporter who had flirted with vegetarianism off and on before going undercover in a meat packing plant. After a few days she swore off meat forever only to be wooed back by bacon within a few weeks, but resolved to become a 'compassionate carnivore.'
Haven't gotten that far into it yet, but so far it's pretty informative and entertaining.

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