Saturday, February 14, 2009

9 times (in the voice of Ed Rooney)

This was the ninth Valentine's season I have worked at the Candy Wrapper. Ninth. I'll spare you all the grim details of enduring this manic holiday in a 10x30 fluorescently lit box, mostly because I've already recounted it with most of you. You can't fully appreciate how intense it gets unless you've worked it. If you've ever waited tables on a game day you have a small idea of the horror.

Every year is a little different; every anxiety attack slightly more alarming. Just kidding... kind of. Valentine's hasn't given me an anxiety attack in, ohhh at least 3 years. But seriously folks, it's good to be on this side of the nervous breakdown. Especially when I got to work with such a lovely bunch of high school girls.

So, as another Valentine's Day comes to a close I am resting easy. There were no tears, no under the breath expletives, no freak outs, no weeping in the fetal position on the bathroom floor, no shaking caused by exhaustion or loss of faculties due to hunger..... at least not by me, save for the expletives.

Until next year V-Day...


Eric said...

Nine times? I don't remember him being sick nine times.

-Sarah- said...

that's because he wasn't sick. He was skipping school.

dkrgrand said...

I have been delighting in your blog. Your mom told me how to find it and how great it was so I spent an hour or so out of my day to check it out myself. You are indeed a talented writer. I look forward to more entries.
Later, gator!

-Sarah- said...

Thank you very much! My mom's pretty biased though... =)

Emily said...

i think i was there for like four of them? haha. you are my hero!

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